Troy James Finally Starts Refunding After 2 Years of Promises… Then Stops Due To Having No Money Again.

Late last year over a couple of months, Troy James refunded me about 20% of the amounts I had given him but then stopped.

There has been NO further repayment since Dec 7, 2016.

Capital balance outstanding: USD$122,336 (before any of the promised 10% interest).

I think it’s finally time to tell my story.

*****  AUGUST 13, 2017 UPDATE  *****

It’s just been brought to my attention that there are a few spurious websites that have popped up claiming that Troy James has now refunded everyone and fully extinguished his obligations.


I have not received an extra penny of the repeatedly promised refund since Dec 7, 2016.

Hence the balance outstanding is still USD$122,336 (before any of the promised 10% interest).

Troy has completely stopped any communications with me, with the last word being on July 5, when he asked me to take down the last thing I have in this situation, which is the facts of my story:

Troy James: “If you are willing to take down the site… I will commit 100%… and make good on getting your family ahead for the future”.

Again, that has been followed by silence only and now websites promoting the lie that he has refunded everyone.

These sites must have been posted by Troy himself or people he has told these lies to, without any proof. There aren’t any transaction records to show as evidence, because they don’t exist.

So to add insult to injury, we now have more gross lies to add to this grubby business, and still only silence from Troy.